Recent public comments that may have questioned the prudence of permitting migration to Australia from Lebanon have been difficult to witness.

We, Bishops and Leaders of Christian communities in Australia from Lebanese and Middle Eastern heritage (Catholic, Orthodox and Oriental), stand firm with our friends and neighbours from the Australian Muslim community of Lebanese ancestry. The contribution of Australians from Lebanese background to building this wonderful, multicultural, multi-faith society has been overwhelmingly positive since the 1800s.

This is not to minimise the significant problems we face with acts of terrorism which are clearly condemned by both Christians and Muslims from the same ancestry.

We seek to emulate the success of Australian society as the world’s beacon in continuing to uphold harmony and unity between all faiths and ethnicities. In particular, we will remain resilient in building our ever increasing close working relationship with the Muslim community in Australia, hands bonded as one in a socially cohesive and rich culturally diverse Australian community.

Issued on 30 November 2016. 
For further enquiries, please contact 02 8831 0000 or email

Officer/ Tony Hanna

We always need an officer
To protect our wonderful land
There's no need to hate them
We should all give them a hand

Don't be afraid of living
Unless you are doing bad
You'll never live happily
And your ending will be sad

We need to be good in life
We need to respect each other
Say nothing but the truth
Treat the officer like a brother

Mr Abdullah Hammoud. congratulations on your wonderful election victory


Elie Akouri  and Mark Coure MP ( Member for Oatley )

Mr. Mark Coure Presenting St George Community Award for 2016 to Elie Akouri at Hurstville Club for his outstanding services to the Community
Thursday 3rd November 2016

The Maronite Catholic Society Inc Warmly invite you to a solemn Mass

The Maronite Catholic Society Inc.

Warmly invite you to a solemn Mass celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay
On the 27th November 2016 at 11.15AM at St Charbel’s Church Punchbowl In memory of our deceased members of The Maronite Catholic Society in Australia:  May they rest in peace
Note: Mass will be followed by refreshments, coffee and tea.

Honoring Mr. Nick Kaldas

We are very proud to publish some pictures of the gala dinner organized by the Australian Egyptian Council forum on Saturday 29 October 2016 honoring the best cop serve NSW even the most prestigious organisations throughout the world for last 36 years namely Mr. Nick Kaldas.
Dr. Safwat Riad

Queensland ALP supports recognition of Palestine- and balance in trips

On the weekend the ALP State Conference carried a motion supporting recognition of Palestine.
It was carried unanimously.
Convenor of Labor Friends of Palestine in Queensland Ms Wendy Turner, who moved the motion, said this maintained the momentum of recent state ALP conferences and the last national conference.
“Each conference has declared that recognition of Palestine sends an essential message to Palestinians that there is hope for a peaceful path to nationhood.
“It also sends a message to the Israeli cabinet that the world notices what is going on with the spread of settlements and continued blocking of Palestinian statehood.
“The Queensland resolution lists all the reasons support for a Palestinian state is urgent.
“These include the fact the current Israeli government is the most chauvinist and hard-line in the country’s history.
“And it highlights the continue spread of settlements, all of which are illegal under international law.”
The resolution is attached.
The conference also carried a motion asserting that Labor MPs who take subsidised travel to Israel should spend equal time in Palestine.
The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC.
Opposition Whip
Parliament of New South Wales
Parliament House
Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
( 02 9230 2526 || � 02 9230 2722

The Australian Egyptian Council Forum celebrates the 43rd anniversary of the Victory day of 6th October 1973

By Dr. Safwat Riad -
The Australian Egyptian Council Forum celebrates the 43rd anniversary of the Victory day of 6th October 1973 by a seminar in RSL Club of Petersham where three Egyptians who were in the army during this war gave talks about their memories and they were awarded  by the Forum a certificates of recognition  of their presentation during this seminar namely: 
Brigeder Eng. Tadrous Aziz , Eng. Khalil Khalil and Eng. Nour El Khouly.
The seminar was  chaired by Prof. Refaat Obeid and Dr. Magdy Shehata with the presence of H.E. Ambassador Mr. Youssef Shawaki.
Also the seminar was attended by some Iraqi and Lebanese friends mainly Dr. Bahia Abou Hamad with her Labanese army uniform.

honouring three Egyptians won seats in Australian parliaments

For the first time ever, three Egyptians won seats in Australian parliaments.

The Hon. Dr. Anne Aly MP, for Federal seat of Cowan in WA
The Hon. Peter Khalil MP, for Federal seat of Wills in VIC
The Hon. Edmond Atalla MP, for NSW seat of Mount Druitt

You are cordially invited to the Egyptian Gala Dinner to honour them and celebrate this milestone in the history of the Egyptian community in Australia.


Date: Sunday 27 November 2016
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: Doltone House
Address: 223 Belgrave Esplanade | Sylvania Waters NSW 2224
Parking: Free on site
Dinner: 3 Course incl. soft drinks, coffee and tea
* An alternate seafood/ fasting (all 3 course) will be offered for the fasting Copts (as Christmas fast starts on 25/11/2016).
Please advise of any special dietary requirement.
Dress: Formal

Cost: $90 pp or $850 for a table of 10
《The event is not for profit. Any proceeds after covering the expenses will be donated to a charity》

All attendees MUST register and book through the event organiser website SimpleTix as the barcode printed on the E-Ticket will be scanned at the entry of the venue.

1. Credit card: Through the link above for SimpleTix (using Visa, Mastercard or Amex).
Booking & credit card processing fee is $2.99 (at cost).

2. Direct deposit: to the following bank account (after registering on this event site first):
BSB: 012397
Acc.: 574753933
Ref.: Your full name - MPs dinner
Please email the transfer remittance notice to:

RSVP: Friday 11 November 2016
No refund for cancellations made after RSVP date

For more information or sponsorship enquiries, please contact me on:
Mobile: 0400 44 66 11

Looking forward to seeing you there : )

Many thanks.

Kind regards,
Sam Mansour

Pictures from MIMA Awards 2016

The Meeting with H.E. Mrs. Nabila Makram in the Egyptian Consulate in Sydney on 11 October 2016


By Dr. Safwat Riad

With thanks to H.E. Mr. Youssef Shawki and staff of Egyptian Consulate in Sydney for organizing this informative successful meeting on 11 October 2016 with Egyptian community of Sydney during the visit of Egyptian Minister of Immigration H.E. Mrs. Nabila Makram.

Australia/ Tony Hanna

Australia is a beautiful country
Which indeed we love
The land and people
As special as can be
A place where everyone can succeed

Follow the road of rules
Be honest in what ever u do
Australia forever will give u love
And they'll believe in you

Help others and love one an other
And build Australia with happiness and trust
Look after the mother that looks after us all
And forever we will last

Love the country and love the flag
In which there are two
Blue white and red then green white and gold
Keep Australia clean
we've been blessed from up above
So won't u love it with me.